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Features - Professional Practice Departament


The cooperative work-study educational system began in 1906 at the University of Cincinnati (United States) and grew moderately yet steadily. By 1942, nearly 30 institutions in different countries had adopted it.

In 1960, a group of Medellín business leaders founded the School of Administration and Finance (EAF) in that city and from the time of its conception envisioned implementing the work/study system there.

To that end, EAF began an internship system in 1961 known as the Work-Study Plan (PET), which was initially conceived to provide practical work experience for students in the Business Administration program. In 1976, EAF was recognized as a university and launched its engineering programs.

In 1996, the Work-Study Plan was renamed the Professional Internship Department (Depp) and that transformation also included the adoption of new internship modalities, which responded to the university’s need to update its pedagogical model amid a wave of changes in Colombia on all fronts that had made the previous internship model obsolete.




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