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Universidad EAFIT
Carrera 49 # 7 sur -50 Medellín Antioquia Colombia
Carrera 12 # 96-23, oficina 304 Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia
(57)(4) 2619500


​​​​​Members of the EAFIT community and the general public have at their disposal the School of Law’s Legal Counseling Office, which provides legal advice to people from low-income sectors (strata 1, 2 and 3). This space exists for the benefit of people who need an attorney but are unable to afford one.

Counseling is offered free of charge in the areas of civil, family, labor, criminal and administrative law. Law School professors serve in an advisory role but students in their 10th semester who already have completed their professional practice requirements are the ones who handle the cases.

Mediation Center

The Mediation Center is a mechanism that gives people from lowincome sectors (strata 1, 2 and 3) access to justice without their having to undergo traditional legal proceedings.

Located at EAFIT’s main campus, the center opened its doors to the public in 2010. This service provides support to people who cannot afford to hire an attorney.


Accounting Office

The Accounting Office offers free counseling on accounting, commercial and labor matters; costs and budgets, taxes; and internal control and auditing. This service is provided by students and professors from the Public Accounting Department, who study the different cases.

Its goal is to participate in theadministrative and financial management of SMEs, micro-enterprises and people or institutions with needs in the accounting, legal, fiscal, cost and control areas through the provision ofcounseling services. The office also aims to make significant contributions to the growth of these organizations.


Math Counseling Center

Free academic tutoring is available to undergraduate students at the Math Counseling Center, where a professor is available to answer their questions about differential calculus and integral calculus.

Students do not need to pre-register and may choose whichever schedule suits them. Around 1,500 free math consultations are offered each semester.


Financial Laboratory

This laboratory on the first floor of Block 17 was conceived as a Colombian Stock Exchange location and a space for learning about the market and its movements. This area provides real-time access to Colombian and international capital markets, including fixed and variable income securities, derivatives, commodities and forex.

In addition to benefiting the EAFIT community, the Financial Laboratory develops activities and courses aimed at children, adolescents and adults to bring this subject within the reach of ordinary citizens. It promotes sound investment practices, analysis and self-study, as well as efforts to introduce the community to global economic and financial markets.


Envivo Network

The university’s Multimedia Center boasts an eightmeter-tall television studio that allows optimal production of audiovisual material such as educational, cultural, interactive and institutional videos, and also runs the Envivo television network.

Envivo, an online TV channel, airs EAFIT’s main activities live or tape delayed and provides instructional assistance to professors seeking to make their classes more interactive.

Likewise, the Multimedia Center is equipped with cutting-edge technology for television, radio and multimedia production and offers its services to students and the general public.


Acústica Radio Station

Acústica, EAFIT’s online radio station, is an initiative that originated in the Communications Studies program. A means of academic and cultural communication since 2008, it provides coverage of the day-to-day happenings at the university and serves as a sound production laboratory for students of that undergraduate program.


Other Media and Publications

Noteworthy events happen constantly at EAFIT and therefore virtually everything that happens on campus and in other places where the university is present is a potential news item, including its academic and research advances, debates and the accomplishments of the university community.

For that reason, media outlets such as the Institutional Web Portal, the El Eafitense magazine, the News Agency, the Somos bulletin, the Entrenos intranet, the student and alumni channels and social networks are in place to report these stories to EAFIT’s different publics. 

The Nexos newspaper, which is led by one of the university’s student groups, is yet another news source.

Likewise, the university has academic and scientific journals such as Revista Universidad EAFIT, Ingeniería y Ciencia, Ad-Minister, Coherencia, Ecos de Economía, Revista de Negocios Internacionales, Forum Doctoral and the EAFIT Journal of International Law.


Academic and Institutional Events

EAFIT also reaches out and connects with its different publics through a permanent lineup of events in different areas that are organized by the institution’s academic and administrative divisions and the Communications and Culture Department.

The university also hosts important municipal, national and even international events.


Plastics and Rubber Institute

The Plastics and Rubber Institute, created in 1987 by EAFIT, Formacol and Acoplásticos, is located on the north side of campus. This is one of the country’s leading research centers in the area of plastics and rubber.

During its more than two decades in operation, the center has supplied the country with technologies that increase productivity and improve material quality and product design to enhance the competitiveness of companies in this sector.



Colombian and international publications are visible in the showcases of the EAFIT Bookstore, which boasts a wide variety of titles published by the Fondo Editorial and leading Colombian and international publishing houses. The bookstore is a unit of the Administrative and Financial Division and is located on the first floor of Block 18.


Vivo Physical Conditioning Center

A place of activity, effort, health and wellbeing, the Vivo Physical Conditioning Center fosters an environment where healthy living habits are developed.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the center is staffed by a professional team of sports medicine physicians, nutritionists, physiotherapists and trainers.

Vivo, which is open to students and alumni; employees and their families; retirees and local residents, features sauna and steam room, cardio and weightlifting equipment, a tanning salon, a multipurpose salon for classes and a spinning area.



This university business unit sells EAFIT-branded products, as well as other items in different categories. Health-Food Snack Bar.

Another university business unit, the snack bar offers a range of healthy food options including salads, juices and low-calorie products.


On-Campus Businesses and Services

Cafeterias, stationery stores, travel agencies, a bank and ATMs are some of the business establishments located in different parts of the Medellín campus that provide services to the EAFIT community and the general public.

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