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The group seeks to propitiate resources and environments for excellence in scientific and technological knowledge that will allow the development of better products for humanity, seen through the final user's point of view and industrial production, by taking advantage of the abilities and skills that are acquired throughout the Product Design Engineering academic program. We pursue excellence in scientific and technological knowledge in Engineering Design. The group belongs to the "Technologic Industrial Development and Quality program", within the engineering area, from Colciencias (Colombian agency for science and technology support).


The group currently counts with 13 professors-researchers (4PhD and 9MSc) and a production of 42 journal publications, 47 conference papers, 15 published books, 26 chapters in books, 70 advised projects and 13 technological products, among others. The GRID has developed projects in collaboration with more than 20 local businesses, has 12 laboratories at its disposition and centers in the lines of work and service delivery related with mobility systems, analysis and simulation, CAD/CAE/PLM, mechatronics, product development, reverse engineering, technological surveillance and advanced education. Among its main capacities is the application of tools and design methods, just as investigation methodologies internationally validated for product development, domain in the management of CAD/CAE/PLM, advanced capacity for the materialization of design concepts for models and functional prototypes, experience in the development of multidisciplinary and inter-institutional projects and experience in advisory and consulting processes.


Enhance our knowledge base to provide feedback on the industry, academia and society at regional, national and international. The main focus of IDP research is based on innovation in products and systems, their relationship with man and the environment and development processes that lead to the design of these products and systems.

Competences and Key Factors

  • Use of design tools and methods validated at international level for the development of innovative products.
  • Domain in Information and Communication Technologies handling (CAD-CAM-CAE  systems and PLM) for product development.
  • High capacity for the materialization of design concepts in prototypes and models.
  • Application of research methodologies nationally and internationally proved in engineering and social sciences.
  • Experience in the development of Multidisciplinary and Inter institutional Design Projects at national and international level.
  • Experience in consulting and advisory processes in implementing product development processes.
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