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Global Design for Kids-Presentation

Global Design for Kids


The circumstances of today's world poses significant challenges us to sustainable human society, the other species and ecosystems, especially considering the rapid consumption of resources and collateral damage to communities with fewer opportunities. Global Design For Kids seeks to create opportunities for well-being, self and collective knowledge to add to the communities in a society of knowledge and information rather than in an industrial society and indiscriminate consumption of natural resources.

Design projects are integrating activities of different actors social, political, economic, environmental and cultural. Thus, Global Design For Kids wishes to invite the international community of product design engineering to participate in an event whit Global interest with a local community. The metaphor is "bring the world home."

This world has the possibility to unite different cultures, worldviews, diverse aesthetic, cultural values ​and traditions of each country, which in turn contribute to making this type of projects based on the humanitarian solidarity, participation, cooperation and sustainability among institutions.

From the University, learning the engineering design process is structure, transfers, consolidated and perfected through practice in the productive sectors. And traditional educational institutions, to conduct design projects that remain registered only in the academic field.

Global Design For Kids, is a proposal to integrate the creative capabilities and skills of teachers and students from the Schools of Product Design Engineering around the world and share with rural communities in Medellin, Colombia.












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