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Testimonials - Professional Practice Departament


Universidad EAFIT, inspired by the highest spiritual values, respectful of human dignity and aware of its social responsibility, aspires to mold globally competent individuals within a framework of ideological pluralism and academic excellence.

Irrespective of the modality they select, Universidad EAFIT interns possess the knowledge, aptitude, tools, ability and skills to perform their duties and respond to challenges, in most cases in their first encounter with the work world.

In addition to the intellectual abilities forged in the classrooms and the cultural, athletic, human and artistic development that the campus and its University Park concept promote, the Professional Internship Department provides work-skills training through workshops taught by professional psychologists, who orient and accompany those sessions to ensure the objectives are fulfilled.

To that end, the following workshops are held during the pre-internship phase: selection process, organizational ethics, working under pressure, assertive communication, conflict resolution and teamwork.

Below are some testimonials in which students describe their experiences at the local, national and international levels.




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