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Keynote Speakers


Dr. Douglas Frechtling 
Professor of Tourism Studies, International Institute of Tourism Studies 
George Washington University, USA


Dr. Frechtling began his career as an economist for the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress, and later served as deputy assistant to the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. He was founding Director of the U.S. Travel Data Center in 1973 and served as its chief executive officer for 14 years. Dr. Frechtling has also served as a consultant to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Airline Economics, Inc., Travel Industry Association of America and other tourism organizations. He is a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, Fellow of the Tourism Society of Great Britain, past Chairman of the UNWTO Education Council, past president of the Travel and Tourism Research Association and a recipient of that organization's Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2001, he authored Forecasting Tourism Demand: Methods and Strategies, published by Butterworth-Heinemann. He has published widely on the economic impact of tourism and his recent research is accessible at Dr. Frechtling holds a Ph.D. degree in economics from George Washington University, and recently earned a Graduate Certificate in Survey Design and Data Analysis from the University.


Dr. Carlos Arce 
Chief Methodologist, 
EthniFacts, USA. 


Since 1973, Carlos has conducted research and policy analysis on travel behavior, transit marketing, urban quality of life and well-being, immigrant experiences, and consumer patterns in the Hispanic Market. His focus has been on strategic analysis of environmental, health, and educational wellbeing, immigration impacts, and consumer preferences. He has designed and implemented surveys on urban mobility, tourism behavior, hospitality, and tourism expenditures among several others. He is an innovator on surveys focused on multicultural and multinational environments. He has been very active in has organized international conferences on topics related travel behavior surveys.

After a 15-year academic teaching and research career, Carlos founded and led several research consultancies, including NuStats and DataSource, both subsequently sold to PTV AG of Karlsruhe, Germany; and GeoStats, a geospatial consulting company based in Atlanta specialized in technology which uses GPS to track travel flows, personal and goods travel, and other aspects of mobility. Until 2012, he chaired the PepsiCo Latino Advisory Board. 
A native to Mexico, Carlos is a University of California (Berkeley) graduate and has a doctoral degree from the University of Michigan, USA. 


Dr. Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal 
Executive Director of CICtourGUNE, the Centre for Cooperative Research in Tourism 
of the Basque Country, Spain.


Dr. Alzua-Sorzabal received her Ph.D. in Outdoor Recreation and International Tourism from Purdue University, Indiana, U.S.A (1999). Dr. Alzua is currently the Executive Director of CICtourGUNE, and a faculty member at the University of Deusto. 
She has extensive academic experience and has led significant research programs at national and European level in the field of Tourism and Technologies: measurement and modeling of ICT in tourism and the adoption and integration of ICT in tourism. She has numerous publications and she presently serves as a Board Member for several organisations including, IFITT, TTRA Europe Chapter, EUREKA TOURISME, the European network for technological innovations in the tourism sector, the Basque Innovation Agency and member of the Editorial Board of JITT, Journal of Information Technology & Tourism. Moreover, she is member of the Statistics Committee of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). ​


Dr. Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia 
Director of the research area named Tourism Systems in the Digital Age. CICtourGUNE, Spain.


In 2009 he joined CICtourGUNE as Senior Researcher. He is currently the Director of the research area named Tourism Systems in the Digital Age. He has published articles in international scientific journals and has participated in a number of national and international conferences. Dr. Gerrikagoitia's recent work has focused on the Basque tourism sector, including projects related to the development of measurement and economic analysis of tourism activity at the sub national level, and on improving the management of regional and local tourism destinations. 
In 1998 he joined the University of Mondragon where he has been a lecturer and researcher in the software engineering and information systems department for eleven years. In his first period at the university he worked in many projects gaining experience mainly in Web Engineering and Business Intelligence until he started his PhD. His research activity began in 2001 and the most important research areas he addressed are interoperability, Service Oriented Architectures and Web Engineering. His work as researcher has been applied in public and private companies, to name but a few: Fagor Group, and the Basque Country's Public Health System. 
Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia earned his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Mondragon (2006). Since he held his Bachelor´s degree in Computer Engineering (1993) and Master Degree in Software Engineering (1995) he worked as software engineer until 1998 gaining experience as software analyst and project manager.


Dr. Tad Hara 
Associate Dean of Finance & Administration, Associate Professor, Rosen College of Hospitality Management, Senior Research Fellow, Dick Pope Institute of Tourism Studies, University of Central Florida (UCF), USA


Tadayuki (Tad) Hara, PhD serves as an Associate Dean of Finance & Administration, Rosen College of Hospitality Management (RCHM), University of Central Florida (UCF) located in Orlando, Florida, USA. He also serves as Advisory Committee Member for International Trends Research on Tourism Statistics, Japan Tourism Agency. He is a single author of "Quantitative Tourism Industry Analysis -Introduction to I-O/SAM modeling and Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA)" by Elsevier. He received PhD, MS in Regional Science and MPS in Hotel Administration from Cornell University, NY, USA, MBA from University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK, and BS in Law from Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. He teaches Hospitality Corporate Finance, Economic Impact Analysis of Tourism, TSA, Feasibility Studies, Event Management at RCHM-UCF, the largest hospitality-tourism management program in the USA with over 3,000 students, and intensive courses of Hospitality Corporate Finance and Graduate Marketing at Waseda University. He is qualified by UCF to teach and have taught both online courses and streaming video courses. He is an individual associate member of INRouTe since its establishment.


He is currently teaching MOOC (massive open online course) via Canvas Network about tourism industry analysis (tourism statistics and economic impact analysis) free to the global audience.​​

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