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​Estatutos del capítulo ICON-S Colombia

Colombian Chapter Rules

The aim of the Colombian Chapter is to pursue the mission of ICON-S within Colombia. 

I. The Chapter is established in order to: 

  1. Promote the values of ICON-S, and in particular, the commitment to an interdisciplinary approach to public law that engages constitutional, administrative and international law scholars and practitioners so as to better understand global and transnational legal developments. 
  2. Advance and promote the fundamental constitutional values of democracy, equality, justice and human rights and its realization within the Colombian context.
  3. The concept of equality will be interpreted based in its broadness and it will include gender, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity, political, religion and philosophical orientation among others. 
  4. Work with ICON-S to promote knowledge of and membership in the organization globally. 
  5. Promote the capacity and engagement of junior scholars, and scholars from the Global South, within the work of ICON-S. 
  6. Complement and work cooperatively with existing national and regional organizations, but remain distinct from them. 

II. The chapter shall: 

  1. Be organized in a way that reflects ICON-S commitments to transparency, accountability and good governance, as well as equality and diversity. 
  2. Regularly disseminate notice of its events and activities via ICONnect, and communicate an annual summary of its activities to the ICON-S Executive Committee. 
  3. Be subject in its scope, governance and membership, to periodic reviews by the members of the ICON-S Executive Committee, with the possibility of being asked by the Executive Committee to dissolve, reconstitute or alter the scope and membership. 
  4. Promote joining ICON-S and paying the ICON-S annual membership fee. 
  5. Submit to ICON-S information on its activities, which will, where appropriate, be featured on the ICON-S website. 

III. Governance of the Chapter. Co-chairs: 

The Chapter will be governed by two co-chairs who will take decisions by agreement in consultation with the advisory board. The identity of the co-chairs and the advisory board shall reflect the chapter’s commitment to gender equality and diversity in governance. 

Only ICON-S members -with a minimum membership in ICON-S of four years- can be cochairs. 

Each year, the two co-chairs will communicate an annual summary of their activities to the ICON-S Executive Committee, to the advisory board, and to the members of the Chapter.  

Co-chairs will hold office for three years with one possible reelection. Every three years the two co-chairs will be elected by majority vote of the members of the advisory board. 

Despite the amendments of the Chapter Rules, which will be adopted by absolute majority, the ordinary decisions adopted by the Chapter will be by simple majority.

IV. Membership of the advisory board:  

Membership of the advisory board will be based on excellence in public law scholarship. The two co-chairs, in consultation with the existing members of the advisory board, will appoint new members of the advisory board for a term of three years. 

A retiring co-chair will automatically become a member of the advisory board for a term of three years. The number of members of the advisory board is 15. 

The advisory board will meet once each year. 

The first advisory board will be appointed among the founding members based on: excellence in public law scholarship, gender and age equality, institutional and regional representation, and availability to assume the basic obligations of the chapter. 

V. Rights and duties of advisory board members: 

All members of the advisory board have the following rights and duties: 

  1. Join ICON-S and pay the ICON-S annual membership fee. 
  2. Promote the mission and values of ICON-S. 
  3. Participate in the activities of the Chapter. 
  4. Assume the basic obligations of the chapter, even executive ones whereas those new obligations does not imply and modification of the Chapter Rules. 
  5. Modify the structure of the chapter without making any reform of the Chapter Rules.

VI. Executive Secretary

The Colombian ICON chapter will have an Executive Secretary appointed by the two-co-chairs in consultation with the Advisory Board for a term of three years. 

VII. Annual conference:  

The Colombian Chapter will organize each year a national conference, based on a call addressed to young and junior scholars and with the participation of distinguished scholars, judges or governmental officials. For this purpose, it can work with existing national and regional organizations. The annual conference will be held during a different month than that in which the ICON-S annual meeting is held, preferably before it. 

The Colombian Chapter will also support other workshops, symposia and colloquia either in Universities or other institutions in any city of the country as considered appropriate by the co-chairs.

VIII. Amendments:

The Chapter rules can be amended by absolute majority vote among the two co-chairs and the advisory board. 

The first two Colombian Chapter Co-chairs and the Secretary General of the Chapter for the tenure 2018-2021 were approved by the ICON-S Presidency and ICON-S Executive Committee:

  • Magdalena Correa Henao, Co-Chair
  • Catalina Botero Marino, Co-Chair
  • Jorge Ernesto Roa Roa, Executive Secretary