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Universidad EAFIT
Carrera 49 # 7 sur -50 Medellín Antioquia Colombia
Carrera 12 # 96-23, oficina 304 Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia
(57)(4) 2619500
EAFITAcerca de EAFITEnglish VersionCultural Life – English Version

Cultural Life

foto16.jpg​​​​​Culture is a key source of inspiration on campus, since EAFIT firmly believes it is an essential part of the preparation of well-rounded professionals. ​

​The EAFIT campus is a space where the creation, support for, and dissemination of different artistic disciplines fosters the multifaceted development of the university community and the general public. The activities held throughout the year include exhibitions, concerts, recitals, film cycles, theatrical works, and literary colloquiums. 

Cultural Agenda

EAFIT’s Cultural Promotion Area is responsible for planning and developing film cycles, music encounters, theatrical performances, literary events, and Arts Center exhibitions.​​

The Luis Echavarría Villegas Cultural Center and Library also contributes to the institution’s cultural offering through initiatives like the Literary Exchange. In addition, the Artistic Development Department sponsors activities including exhibits featuring the work of amateur EAFIT artists, training courses for students and the general public, and groups that promote dance, music, and literature.​

Arts Center​

EAFIT’s Arts Center is located on the first floor of the Luis Echavarría Villegas Cultural Center and Library and contains two exhibition spaces.

A part of the Cultural Promotion Area, the center was founded in 1999 with the goal of disseminating the work of modern and classical artists, both Colombian and foreign.​

Works by Pastor Restrepo, Ethel Gilmour, Nadín Ospina, Luis Fernando Peláez, Óscar Jaramillo, Jorge Ortiz, María Teresa Hincapié, Rodrigo Facundo, Elías Heim, Luis González Palma, Hugo Zapata, Jesús Abad Colorado, Beatriz Olano, Jorge Obando, Álvaro Marín, Susana Mejía, and other artists have been exhibited at the center.

EAFIT Symphony Orchestra 

The EAFIT Symphony Orchestra has delighted music lovers for 15 years with its performances for audiences in Medellín and across the country. It gives an average of 40 concerts a year, including collaborations with outstanding guest musicians from Colombia and other parts of the world.​

The symphony also enables students in EAFIT’s Music Department to meet the orchestra practice requirements of their degree program and facilitates the professional activity of Colombian and foreign musicians residing in Medellín.

This professional orchestra is characterized by its high-quality performances, diverse repertoire, and regular collaborations with renowned musicians.

EAFIT University Press​​

The EAFIT University Press provides support to the university’s academic, investigative, and cultural processes. Founded in 1997 with that purpose in mind, it is responsible for evaluating each text to ensure the highest quality standards.

This division publishes nearly 30 books a year. Its objectives include promoting the research output of the institution’s faculty in different areas, supporting new writers, and salvaging heritage publications. It also participates in different local, national, and international book fairs.

The EAFIT University Press has published 457 titles in 16 collections, the latest of which was the Otramina poetry collection.​​

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