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Universidad EAFIT
Carrera 49 # 7 sur -50 Medellín Antioquia Colombia
Carrera 12 # 96-23, oficina 304 Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia
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Reciprocity Scholarship Program For Foreigners in Colombia

​​​​​Through this program, ICETEX gives to foreigners the opportunity to come and study a Graduate program, a Masters, a Ph.D. or a Graduate level research in Colombia in 4 different modes.

Assistant Lecturers Scholarships

General characteristics 
This scholarship is an economic aid to finance international expects to come and participate in graduate programs with high research level (Master, Ph.D.) as lecturers in order to promote and improve the quality of higher education in Colombia.

Duration - Term
This scholarship is subject to the duration terms of the visit. It can’t less than five (5) days or longer than six (6) months

Please take into account that:​

The committee has the meeting every two months. 

In the committee are only studied the applications that correspond to events that will occur during the two (2) following months. For example, if you apply in the committee for coming to Colombia in March, is because the event in which you will participate is going to occur during the months of April and May.

No reason will to be accepted for applying after the due date of the committee throughout the online form.

For no reason refund requests that are not complete with all required documents in letters of agreement (Carefully read the letters and each document requested) will be accepted.

​For further information, please visit:

Program for language assistants in Colombia

General characteristics ​​

Among the educative and cultural exchange programs through which the ICETEX promote the different initiatives and activities of Colombian educative centers, it has subscribe agreements with the British council, the French embassy, the DAAD (German academic exchange service), the Federal University Do Pará y CAPES from Brazil, the University of West Indies (with its sites in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad y Tobago), the Colombian Fulbright commission and the Ministry of national education, for the developing of the exchange program for language assistants.

With the purpose of collaborating in the strengthening of the language departments and improve the teaching level in English, French, German and Portuguese in Colombia, we introduce the following public notice in which we expect to involve Colombian educative institutions


Courses for citizens of countries belonging to OAS

The Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development (IACD) annually sends an announcement to the ICETEX offering the Professional development Scholarship program, which consists in training courses or educative programs organized by governments, regional organizations, public and private agencies, philanthropic or commercial institutions, higher education institutions of the countries belonging to the OAS or Units of the General Secretariat, inviting Colombian universities or higher education institutions to participate in person or through distance modes, specially emphasizing some areas. In the case of courses that will be taken in person, the University must assume the inscription, tuition, and academic rights costs. 

The Universities proposals are presented to the OAS, who selects the courses that will be offered in Colombia for the following year.

Each year, as courses approved for Colombia are finished, the OAS prepares and publishes the respective public notice for students who are interested in applying can so that they can do so in the OAS headquarters in each country, in compliance with all of the requirements.

The OAS assumes international fares coming to Colombia and back to their country of origin. The Teaching Center, in most cases assumes tuition and academic rights and ICETEX offers help for: Sustaining which includes accommodation and Food, Study Materials, Insurance, Domestic transportation.

How to apply?

For Universities in Colombia applying to offer these courses, they must first organize the course and subject it to selection in the OAS on the dates established by this body. For this purpose you should fill out the "Professional Development Scholarship Application Submission" which is available on the Education of the Americas Portal:

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