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EAFITUniversidad de los niñosUniversidad de los niños / English versionProyectos de ciencia (Science projects and challenges)

Proyectos de ciencia (Science projects and challenges)

What is it?​​​​

"Proyectos de ciencia" is the third phase of the Program. Young people of nin​​th to eleventh​​ school grade develop projects in different fields of knowledge, accompanied  by researchers and master students from EAFIT University. The results of the projects are presented at nacional and international science fairs. ​

What happens at it?

​The projects are developed in diferent stages: 

​To discover

Young students get close to the concepts of the research field. After that, they ​meet the researcher's studying topics and explore their own research interests. Finally, ​​they choose a topic and a question to develop a science project during the year.​​

To carry out and to present

According to each project topic, participants choose the appropriate methodologies which help​ to answer the laid out question. Also, they do experiments and field work to gather information; and to make conclusions.  ​​