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Universidad EAFIT
Carrera 49 # 7 sur -50 Medellín Antioquia Colombia
Carrera 12 # 96-23, oficina 304 Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia
(57)(4) 2619500

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The biennial international Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE) will take place in Medellin, Colombia. JURSE is a forum of excellence where a selected group of researchers, practitioners, and students will present and discuss their latest findings and results.

This event is committed to introducing innovative methodologies and technological resources recently employed to investigate the manifold aspects of the urban environment through orbital and airborne remote sensing data. Emerging topics like new methods for urban land cover and land use classification with detailed discrimination of urban targets, 3D modeling of urban buildings, forecast and impact assessment of natural and man-made hazards in urban areas, urban social studies, urban ecology, urban climatology as well as data fusion, algorithms and techniques for remotely sensed data interpretation, and multisource remote sensing data will be approached.



  • Gathering people coming from academia, industry, local and national/international agencies together to discuss topics related to remote sensing for urban monitoring.
  • Fostering the research and the applications of available data sets over urban areas, with a special consideration for high spatial resolution satellite data and data fusion.
  • Providing new ideas for developing sensors and/or systems able to analyze and monitor urban areas
  • Improving the knowledge and the know-how by means of the interaction of researchers coming from different communities (photogrammetry, signal processing, computer vision, geomatics, data science, town and regional planning, geology, hydrology, climatology, ecology, etc) in this truly interdisciplinary field.


Topics include (but are not limited to) :
  • New data & sensors for urban area remote sensing: SAR, InSAR, Airborne and terrestrial LiDAR, UAV, VHR optical orbital and airborne sensors and data, Hyperspectral sensors and data, among others.
  • Structure detection and characterization in urban areas: Change detection, Classification, Multitemporal analysis, Feature extraction methods, Calibration and correction approaches.
  • Algorithms and techniques for remotely sensed data interpretation in urban areas: Building extraction and reconstruction, Road and road network extraction, Vehicle detection and traffic monitoring, Urban area extraction, Land use and land cover mapping, Data mining.
  • Algorithms and techniques for urban area applications: Urban modeling, Urban area trend monitoring, Urban heat island monitoring, Urban atmosphere monitoring, GIS & remote sensing data fusion. - Urban climatology, geology, and geohazards: Urban heat island effects, Air quality assessment, Subsidence, Hydrology, Earthquake/Volcanic/ falling, landslide, and debris flow geological hazards, Coastal hazards, Environmental monitoring (soil, groundwater contaminant studies)
  • Remote Sensing applications to social science: Applications to vital statistics, RS and health, RS and GIS applications to social science, Applications to security and emergency, RS and GIS applications in archaeology.
  • Remote Sensing applications to urban planning and conservation: Urban planning, Transportation planning, Digital city, Urban conservation, Urban simulation based on RS, Cultural heritage.
  • Urban development and growth pattern: Urban development modeling, Contributions to urban trajectory theory, Detailed structure change, Smart growth. - Urban and peri-urban ecology: Urban and peri-urban landscape ecology, Urban and peri-urban ecological process modeling, Comparative studies.

Medellin City

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia and its metropolitan area is home to 3.75 million people. The city is surrounded by mountains, with privileged Spring-like weather all year round. The weather and the kindness of its people make it a city internationally recognized by its transformation and social innovation. Medellin has been recognized in the past 10 years as “One of the best 10 cities in Latin America for business” (Hickey and Associates), with the “Lew Kuan Yew World City Prize” (Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Center for Livable Cities, Singapore), as the “Most transformed city of the year” (BRAVO Business Awards), as the “Best city with sustainable mobility initiatives” (ICLEI EcoMobility), as the “Best city to live in Latin-America” (Indra) and the “Best MICE destination in Latin America” (World Travel Awards), as a “Resilient city” (Rockefeller Foundation), and as the “Most innovative city in the world” (Wall Street Journal, Citigroup and Urban Land Institute). Medellin has grown to be a business center in the region and an event destination with high-quality standards.

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Universidad EAFIT

EAFIT is a university that inspires the current generations to embark on a life project that maximizes their potential ( The University campus is located on the south side of the city, with easy access from the Metro system and from two main city streets. The main campus covers more than 12 hectares and features blocks of classrooms, offices, laboratories, athletic facilities, auditoriums, small squares, gardens, and other spaces conducive to research, academic, sporting, cultural, and leisure activities. It is considered a “garden campus” because of its beautiful gardens, trees, and natural spaces. Nearly 10,200 undergraduate students and 3,200 graduate students are enrolled in the undergraduate, graduate certificate, master’s degree, and doctorate programs. Research-backed teaching is another focal point of the institution’s road map, in so far as the goal is to not only convey but also generate knowledge. We have locations such as the “Auditorio Fundadores” with capacity for 630 people and two alternative auditoriums with a capacity of 150 people. All conference locations are equipped with video beam and PCs to make presentations and demonstrations, and also with video and audio recording equipment. The pre-conference training courses will be held in classrooms equipped with personal computers for each participant.

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General travel information

Medellin has access from abroad by airplane. It is 40 minutes travel time from the international airport Jose Maria Cordova, that features 10 international routes, 46 daily flights to Bogotá, and more than 18.000 seats available weekly to visit the city directly from different international markets, mainly from Panama, United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Spain, and Peru.

EAFIT's campus is close to some of the best hotels in town: Marriott Hotel, NH Collection Royal Medellin, Hotel Park 10, Hotel Dann Carlton Medellin, Hampton by Hilton Medellin, Hotel City Express Plus, Hotel Four Points, Hotel Porton de Oviedo, and Ibis Medellin among others. They range in prices from 70 to 300 euros per night

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Poster Session
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Studen and best paper awards
Closing ceremony
Training course 2 - practice
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keynote lecture
Social Event 1: welcome reception, icebreaker coctail
Social Event 2: dinner

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