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Proyección / 25/06/2014

La Guachafita, a Web series about university life

​The group of students gathered on Friday afternoons in EAFIT. They sought to make the most of their free time through this project.​

​• An audiovisual project carried out by tenth and eleventh graders at Aures Educational Institution (Robledo district of Medellin) and supported by the EAFIT Media Lab and Medellín Ciudad Inteligente.

• The project is the result of several months of students’ hard work in their audiovisual production course at school. 

La Guachafita (which means hubbub, rejoicing, uproar, and bustle) is the first Web series developed by students in a public school in Medellin. It humorously narrates the students’ experiences during their first day of class at university comparing their expectations to reality. 

This Web series is the result of the work carried out by Aures Educational Institution students for an entire semester, with the support of the EAFIT Media Lab and Medellin Ciudad Inteligente.

The aim of this project is to encourage young people to learn how to use technology tools that enable them to create audiovisual productions, making the most of their free time while improving their skills before entering university.

According to Mauricio Vasquez Arias, Professor of the School of Social Communication at Universidad EAFIT, "A students’ orientation program was launched in Aures Educational Institution in 2012. It focuses on four areas: social networks, audiovisuals, digital journalism and digital radio broadcasting. The orientation took place in Aulab, the school’s audiovisual laboratory, as part of the media and digital literacy work and the appropriation of the collaborative content developed with the community."

La Guachafita was recorded, the script written, plotted and edited by students in the tenth and eleventh grades of this educational institution with the support of EAFIT Social Communication undergraduate students. 

The beginning of La Guachafita 

The creation process of the web series started at the beginning of the spring semester of 2014. During the first stage, students learned the theoretical guidelines about pre-production, production and post-production. The beginning of the implementation and production stage, in which the Media Lab became largely involved, took place after the project was submitted to Medellin Ciudad Inteligente.

Thereafter, participants of a project that emerged from the need to further improve their audiovisual skills, started to attend classes on campus every Friday. 

"It is important to highlight the unexpected synergies and bonds that students created among them. EAFIT students invited them to have refreshments each time they came to the University and EAFIT students were greeted with banners in Aures School", as stated by Juana Fuentes Gamboa, appropriation leader of Medellín Ciudad Inteligente.

According to Professor Mauricio Vasquez, it is important to support and encourage these types of projects to allow a change in the productivity and entrepreneurship fields of the traditional industry into companies of content and entertainment solutions.

"This is an opportunity to do what we like and spend our free time doing something that really benefits the entire community and that will be useful for life", as confirmed by Gerson Alzate, co-director of Aures Audiovisual Laboratory (AULab).

The Web series is broadcast through the YouTube channel at It also has a fan page on Facebook,, and a Twitter account, @AULAB_.

The Red Carpet

La Guachafita was released at the auditorium of La Quintana Park and Library on June 12. As if it were a Hollywood premiere, there was a red carpet to welcome special guests, backstage photos and cocktails, which were alcohol free, though.

"The challenge was to develop a project that could be truly useful to that community, since developing the product was not the only purpose. It also sought to train Aures’ students to become cascade trainers to coach other students," as stated by Professor Mauricio.

Therefore, the idea is that these young students will continue to create the following chapters of the web series using the existing scripts and resources. It is also expected that they will convey knowledge to their classmates, thus expanding the group and leaving a legacy.

On the other hand, the purpose of the Media Lab is to become the central node of a network of school and community laboratories within the city. For this reason, the project will be replicated in other places.

Contact information

Marcela Olarte Melguizo 
Journalist Information and Press Area 
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