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Universidad EAFIT
Carrera 49 # 7 sur -50 Medellín Antioquia Colombia
Carrera 12 # 96-23, oficina 304 Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia
(57)(4) 2619500

About Us



To contribute directly​ and effectively to social development through the adoption of innovation strategies and good practices that articulate the efforts of the State, the private sector, the academy, and the communities, hence building cohesion and social sustainability as a stamp of EAFIT’s Social Responsibility.


By 2017, EAFIT will be consolidated as a socially responsible community and a reference of social responsibility for all of the country, due to its attained position as the best allies for public and private entities in the implementation of social development projects and the execution of socially responsible policies.


  • USR, cultural and environmental, being excellence our reference

  • To strengthen partnerships between the Government, the private and social sector and the Academy

  • To take advantage of the institutional capital of EAFIT

  • Social profitability

  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability

  • Base lines must have defined or validated objectives

  • Projects with Measurable impact

  • Projects where the community and local institutions would be the development agents

  • Projects with an emphasis on Human development

Strategic lines

  1. Social an cultural Intervention: Co responsibility, public and private partnerships, strengthening of social Organizations and local administrations, social entrepreneurship, inclusive business, corporate volunteer.
  2. Academy: Postgraduate programs and continuing education, the “ES” course, research, thesis and projects fighting social problems.
  3. Knowledge Management: Recognition of endogenous capital and regional actors, initiative´s bank, projects and models of social intervention, intermediation between government, enterprises and community to develop and implement a relevant social portfolio.


University Social Responsibility aims to:

  1. Contribute to staff training (values, ethic, solidarity, equity, responsibility, critical attitude, self critic, proactivity)
  2. Deliver professional training through the application of knowledge in real and diverse contexts. 
  3. Contribute by from capacities and characteristics of the University´s work
  4. Contribute to the constant renovation of the University through feedback from introducing new social problems under the University.

In line with these aims, University EAFIT is making a commitment through EAFIT Social to support the Institution in achieving its mission of contributing to the social, economic, scientific and cultural progress of the country through the development of undergraduate and postgraduate programs – in an environment of ideological pluralism and academic excellence- to train competent people internationally, and the realization of scientific and applied research programs in permanent interaction with the government, enterprises and the academic sector.

EAFIT Llanogrande coordinates activities aimed to develop RSU processes, projects and initiatives that allow the renovation of the Institutional Mission locally as well as in other parts of the country where the University has presence in. 

For all these reasons EAFIT Llanogrande is considered the main “Social Management” campus of the Institution and the formation center and/or Knowledge Unit for Social Development.

For the development of RSU initiatives, EAFIT Social has formed partnerships with public and private institutions and organizations, such as:
  • Alcaldía de Medellín
  • Gobernación de Antioquia
  • Fundación Fraternidad Medellín
  • FALLP. 
  • FJJME. 
  • FE. 
  • FT
In partnership with the above entities, EAFIT Social has realized a number of projects that are focused on the creation of social enterprises and the development of productive initiatives that foster the growth of the region, thus improving the quality of life for the populations the projects have influence in.


In addition to the social projects, EAFIT University has elements that demonstrate USR of the Institution, some of which are:


  • Reaccreditation (Given by Ministry of National Education in 2010)
  • Presence in 4 cities of the country (Medellín , Llanogrande, Pereira y Bogotá)
  • Quality programs with applied research 
  • Quality Teaching: PhD (30% of full-time teachers today)


  • Memory Recovery
  • Culture Promotion
  • Environmental
  • University Park (Landscape sights for which EAFIT has won the Steel Pencil Prize in 2008 under the category Public Spaces)
  • Sustainable Building with green frontage and the use of rainwater and wastewater (New Engineering Building)

EAFIT​​​ Inclusive

  • 15% of students are under scholarships, wich offer subsidies for food, transport and school supplies
  • Student union and widely represented university governance.

EAFI​​T Plus

Through public and private partnerships with programs such as:

  • Benedikta Zur Nieden, district 13.
  • Institutional Strengthening Program, ISP
  • Social enterprises in childcare in 6 Medellín districts (Secretariat for Women of  Medellín)
  • Strengthening of Corporate Development Centers in the North and west of Antioquia (Ministry of Gender Equality of the Government of Antioquia)

EAFIT Relev​ant

  • Postgraduate programs with work attachments in Organizations and small businesses in the region.
  • Specialization and Master in Social Enterprises Management.
  • Summer School in Trento (Italy) to strengthen the competencies of Social Development agents in all of the sub regions in Antioquia and the rest of the country.

Searching Excellence

  • RSU Committee
  • EAFIT Social


Our first big responsibility:

  • Specialization in Management of Social Development Entities (3 cohorts in 2011)
  • Master in Social Enterprises Management for innovation and local development
  • Diploma
  • Courses
  • Internships- Summer School in Trento

​Watch the Pr​​esentation about EAFIT Social