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Universidad EAFIT
Carrera 49 # 7 sur -50 Medellín Antioquia Colombia
Carrera 12 # 96-23, oficina 304 Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia
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What is​
Imagining Futures?

We are a think and​ do center at EAFIT University, that forges possible, probable and desirable futures for education from a collective perspective.

Here, humanism, learning, technology and sustainability converge as forces to create the future and activate educational innovation.​​​​​


 Our purpose​



We seek to inspire new transdisciplinary understandings and innovative public policies that enable organizations and individuals to address current and future challenges in education from the perspectives of learning, management, technology and innovation.


We seek to create capacities in individuals and organizations of all industries for educational management, and to anticipate the future through various articulated mechanisms of training and accompaniment.​


We seek to transform educational practices and learning ecosystems through projects developed in partnership with educational institutions, local and national governments, and organizations from all industries.​​​​​



Ciencias del aprendizaje

Learning Sciences​

It provides support for a transdisciplinary understanding of the cognitive, social and emotional processes that make deeper learning possible and serves as an input for learning environments that enable people to learn more effectively.
Gestion y liderazgo educativo

Educational management and leadership​

Guarantees a comprehensive approach to educational trajectories, prioritizing the human aspect and inspiring commitment and trust in the individuals and organizations that make up the system.​
Innovación educativa

Educational innovation

Is based upon the integration of new methodologies and technologies, bringing into play the imagination, creativity and capacity of people to find relevant and sustainable solutions to their needs.​

​​​ ​Challenges​

Disminuir brechas educativas

Close of educational gap​

Incrementar soluciones de innovación educativa

Improved educational decision-making processes​

Identificar señales que permitan experimentar posibilidades para el futuro de la educación

Improvement in learning outcomes​




​ ​



We observe, analyze and systematize educational, social, technological, economic, political and environmental forces and signals to anticipate the future of education and learning. ​



We explore and model future scenarios from identified signals to strengthen a knowledge agenda that generates questions and inspires disruptive, relevant, sustainable and transferable solutions.​



We design and create interdisciplinary research, development and innovation projects that impact educational ecosystems, to discover the paths that forge better futures for education and learning.​


Train in skills

We create educational leadership programs, courses and innovative lifelong and life-wide learning experiences to strengthen human capabilities that enable individuals and organizations to move towards a better future.​

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