What is it?

It is a biannual online magazine that publishes writings and images (illustrations or pictures) from professors or students in the Spanish Program of Idiomas EAFIT or from other people interested in the culture, learning and teaching of Spanish as a foreign or second language.​

What does the magazine contain?

Writings from the Spanish Program students, created during classes; reflections about cultural and didactic topics from professors in the Spanish program or from professors or guest contributors from different programs, as well as visual and audiovisual material produced by them.​

How can you submit something to evaluation in the magazine?

If you are not part of Idiomas EAFIT, you must send an e-mail to cuentele@eafit.edu.co with your writing in Word version or your image in a high resolution format, and you will start the evaluation process in the Committee.​

If you are part of Idiomas EAFIT, you can also send an e-mail with the writing or image to cuentele@eafit.edu.co but, if you are a student, you must ask your professor for instructions on how to start the process.

In both cases, the Editorial Committee will revise and choose the texts or images to be published and it will get back to the submitters with an answer.

Get ready and participate!

Take a look at the previous editions we have published so far:​

https://issuu.com/cuentele ​​


¿Qué es?

Es una revista digital de circulación semestral que publica escritos e imágenes (ilustraciones y fotografías) de profesores y estudiantes de español de Idiomas EAFIT u otras personas interesadas en la cultura, el aprendizaje y la enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera y segunda.​

¿Qué contiene la revista?

Escritos de estudiantes de español, creados durante las clases; reflexiones en torno a temas culturales y didácticos de profesores del programa de español y de otros programas invitados, así como material visual o audiovisual producido por ellos. Algunos de estos escritos, imágenes y audios tienen propuestas de actividades o ejercicios con sus respectivas respuestas.

¿Cómo puedes poner en evaluación una contribución en la revista?

Si no eres parte de Idiomas EAFIT, debes enviar un correo a cuentele@eafit.edu.co con tu manuscrito en versión Word o tu imagen en un formato de alta definición y entrarás al proceso de revisión.​

Si eres parte de Idiomas EAFIT, podrás también enviar el correo con el manuscrito o la imagen a cuentele@eafit.edu.co, pero, si eres estudiante, debes preguntar a tu profesor instrucciones más específicas sobre el proceso.

En ambos casos, el Comité editorial revisará y seleccionará los textos a publicar, y comunicará los resultados.



Mira las ediciones que hemos publicado:

https://issuu.com/cuentele ​​​


Intensive courses 2024

Course​ duration: 38 hour each c​ourse, 2,5 weeks​​​


MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 m.  

Enrollments: Students can enroll up until the last working day before the course starts.

Starting Date
Ending Date
January 22February​ 7
February 12​
February​ 28
March 4March 20
Ap​ril 1April 17
April 22May 9
May​ 14May 30
June 4June 21
June 24July 11
July ​15July 31
August 5August 23
August 26September 11
September  16October 3
October 7October 24
Octuber 28November 15
November 18December 4​


Investment per course
​COP $1.833.000 - 3 to 8 students *
​​COP $5.540.000 - Individual courses​

​*In case we have less than theree students, we could offer you 13 hours of individual work with one of our teachers. Those hours could be covered in sesions of one or two hours long in which the teacher will be focused on your needs. At the end of those hours, you would take a placement test to check your progress so you can register for the appropiate course.

A 5% discount will be applicable if more than two courses are paid in advance

Books for the courses ​

In the Spanish program, for some of our courses, there is a textbook that is one of the resources used by our teachers. Although we do not require students to buy it, there is the possibility of doing so at the University bookstore.

Maravilllas del español.png

Payment Options

  • Online: with credit or debit cards through your student profile at www.eafit.edu.co/epik

  • Cash (in Colombia): payment can be made at the Bancolombia, Itaú, Banco de Occidente and Davivienda banks.

  • Credit and debit card(in Colombia): in the Information and Registration modules of Idiomas EAFIT.

  • International Wire Transfer.


Prior to begin in the program, students need to complete our registration form through the link www.eafit.edu.co/epik and selecting the “Access for new students” option.​


Refund Policy​

A student who has paid for more than two courses in advance and withdraws prior to the completion of the paid program may ask for a refund. If this is the case, a penalty of the price of a full course will be charged (for more information visit Student’s Rights).​


​​ ​​​​​​Other programs​​​​​​​

A student visa is required if you are planning to stay for more than 180 days. A shorter period will require a special stamp granted by the immigration office at the arrival port. A tourist stamp is not enough. Please notice that status requirements vary from one country to another. We suggest you check this with the competent office (Embassy, consulate or others).

If you are staying for only one semester at the Spanish Program you will just need an entry permit (PID) which is stamped in the airport at your arrival in Colombia. Before the 90 days expiration of the PID permit, students must obtain a PID permit at the Migration Office in Medellín (approximate cost: 36 USD)​​


A student visa is required if you are planning to stay for more than 180 days.

The steps you must follow in order to apply for a Tipo V  visa are:​​

Enter the website of the Colombian consulate in your country and consult if it is possible to apply online or if you must carry out the process directly with an officer at the consulate.

If you can apply online, please have the following documents ready before completing the online form:

  1.  Letter of Acceptance from Universidad EAFIT.

  2.  Copy of your Passport openned on the page with your photo and information.

  3.  If you are applying inside Colombian territory, you must have a copy of the page with the entry stamps. 

  4. A letter from the person economically responsible of the expenses you will incur in during your studies in Colombia along with a bank certification that shows an average of 10 monthly official minimum wages during the last 6 months. 

 A recent photo of 4cmx3cm.

Once you have these documents ready, access the online form at  SITAC https://tramitesmre.cancilleria.gov.co/tramites/enlinea/solicitarVisa.xhtml ) and complete your visa application. Don't forget to specify that you will study at Universidad EAFIT.

To finalize the application process, you must pay $ 16 USD. Once your visa is approved, you will have to pay $ 51 USD.

Once you receive your electronic visa, you must go to a Colombian consulate to get it stamped on your passport. This step is VERY important because without the visa stamped in your passport you can't apply for the foreign ID card. NB: If you couldn't get to a Colombian consulate for this step, you can also complete it in Bogota.

If your consulate does not allow you to apply online, then take the documents mentioned above to the consulate at the time of your appointment and complete the process they indicate.

If you need further information regarding visas and their application processes, we recommend accessing Classes Visas .  

(http://www.cancilleria.gov.co/tramites_servicios/visas/clases )​​​ ​


An international student that has been granted a Titular Tipo V visa for more than 90 days,  must go to a regional office of Migración Colombia in order to apply for a Foreign ID card during the first 15 days after he/she arrived in Colombian territory. Failing to do so can generate economic fines.

In order to apply for a Colombian Foreign ID card, you must go to Migración Colombia's regional office in Medellin located at Calle 19 # 80A-40 Barrio Belén La Nubia from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Please bring with you the following documents:​

  1. One (1) copy of your passport opened on the page with your photo

  2. One (1) copy of the page with the Colombian entry stamps on your Passport

  3. One (1) copy of your Colombian visa

  • If it is the first time you are applying for a Foreign ID card, you must also bring a 3x4 photo as well as a blood type certificate that you can get at the laboratory located in Clínica Las Vegas (this one is close to EAFIT campus).

  • Recaudo, bank code (código bancario) 101, in the checking account (cuenta corriente) of Banco de Occidente No. 263-05464-5, for $ 206.000 Colombian pesos.

The receipt of the payment made to Unidad Administrativa Especial de Migración CoYour Foreign ID card will be valid for the same time as your visa. In case you apply for an extension of your studies at EAFIT, you shall need to apply for a new visa as well as a new Foreign ID card. 


If you need more information regarding the application process an d who needs to get a Foreign ID Card,  we recommend accessing  Migration Colombia. (http://www.migracioncolombia.gov.co/index.php/es/ )​