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Universidad EAFIT
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Spanish Program Program Methodology - Spanish Program - Idiomas EAFIT

EAFITIdiomas EAFITSpanish ProgramProgram Methodology - Spanish Program - Idiomas EAFIT

Program Methodology

​​​The Language Center methodology follows the communicative approach guidelines. The teaching processes aim at participatory and interactive learning in an environment where culture is integrated into the development of the four skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing – considering accuracy and relevance. According to these guidelines, the acquisition of a second language is promoted when:

  • As a requirement to start the program, the student must perform a classification test at no cost to identify the appropriate course according to the Common European Framework.
  • There is interaction with the teacher and among students using the language that is being taught.
  • A level test is carried out to measure the knowledge acquired by the students, this test is included within the 38 hours of each course.
  • Materials and activities are as authentic as possible.
  • Emphasis is placed both on meaning and form (structure).
  • Students are taught to use learning strategies.
  • Students are taught to be independent.
  • Students have enough time to practice and process information.
  • Students are exposed to a wide variety of activities, teaching techniques and language structures.
  • Students' individual differences are acknowledged​​​.
  • ​Our book:​
  • The study material is not included in the Investment per course.
  • Additional services are offered such as tutoring, extra-academic activities, salsa classes, gym, swimming pool, etc. Some of these services have an additional cost.
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