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Universidad EAFIT
Carrera 49 # 7 sur -50 Medellín Antioquia Colombia
Carrera 12 # 96-23, oficina 304 Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia
(57)(4) 2619500


Claudia Vera - Colombia

BA in languages from Universidad de Antioquia; Graduate Diploma in Text Edition at Universidad EAFIT; Graduate Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Universidad Externado de Colombia.

Over six years' experience teaching English and Spanish to adults at Universidad EAFIT; over 15 years' experience as a free-lance translator for different companies in Colombia; currently Translation Project Manager at Universidad EAFIT

Loves reading, jogging and connecting people.    

Diana Isabel Patiño Sánchez - Colombia

Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and a Master's degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language; Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Language Teaching and a Graduate Diploma in Virtual Teaching Management.
Over eleven years' experience teaching English to children and adults; over four years' experience teaching Spanish to adults; Relevant professional experience in Colombia in Lesson planning, Project design, Action research, Course design and Online teaching. Has worked as an English teacher and an academic director for Anglo Latin, English teacher for the Engineering Program and Multilingua Program at Universidad de Antioquia.  Enjoys researching and planning projects with children and adults. Interested in continuing her education about teaching Spanish.

Diana Patricia Vega Puerta - Colombia

Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages; Graduate Degree in Investigative University Teaching; Lawyer with a Graduate Degree in Family Law. Also has a certificate in conflict resolution.
Over twenty years' experience teaching English to children and adults in several universities and language centers in Colombia; nine years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners at Universidad EAFIT and as a private tutor in Colombia and in The United States. Law teacher at Luis Amigó University, trial lawyer, and private consultant.

Used to act in plays as a hobby, with a big passion towards poetry and music, especially salsa. She enjoys interacting with people of different nationalities, and is considered by many as a people person.  

Jairo Giraldo Villegas - Colombia

BA in Modern Languages: English and Spanish; Graduate Diploma in Environmental Education.
Over seven years' experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language; broad experience in teaching English and Spanish in public schools and universities; international experience as a Spanish teacher to Diplomats in Vietnam in a Cancilleria de Colombia Project and the Vietnamese Government and Spanish teacher in Hanoi University.

Enjoys country life spending time with his dogs, practicing TRX and Fit Ball. He loves music and nowadays he is studying Colombian Sign language willing to help hearing impaired people discover the beauty of Spanish language and more.

José Bedoya- Colombia

BA in Professional in Languages from Universidad de Antioquia.
Over 25 years' experience teaching English, and Spanish.  Has taught English to employees from different working areas of a Colombian airline company for 15 years, and developed skills in designing courses for both communicative and specific purposes; has also worked in teaching, teaching training and curriculum design in English for an aviation Company.

Author of the book Inglés para  Mantenimiento de Aviones (to be issued) to teach how to understand technical documentation in aviation maintenance. 

Juan Camilo Cadavid Vélez - Colombia

 BA in Spanish Philology and literature from Universidad de Antiqouia. Over five years' experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language at Universidad EAFIT; has also worked as lecturer in different areas about Spanish acquisition and didactic tools. Enjoys knowing different cities and cultures and languages as he believes in interculturality as a powerful means for learning. Certified by the Instituto Cervantes as a DELE proficiency exam interviewer. He loves sports and education. Has also practiced volleyball at a professional level in Medellín.

Juan Carlos Delgado Calle - Colombia

Masters' Degree Student in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana; BA in Spanish and Literature from Universidad de Antioquia.
Over eleven years' experience teaching Spanish to adults; Diverse professional experience in Colombia in Spanish in private and public high schools; has worked as a Spanish teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam. (in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hanoi University).

Enjoys researching about cities and their relation with sports and education. For the past years he has also enjoyed riding bicycle all along Colombia.

Luz Mary Montaña De Amorocho - Colombia

BA in Modern Languages

Over 38 years' experience teaching English to children, teenagers and adults and Spanish to adults; has also been academic coordinator at Javeriana University in Bogotá; Co-author of the preschool English series TIC-TAC-TOE.

Pioneer member of the folkloric dance group at Los Andes University – Bogota; a nature lover; a fan of all kinds of music.


Mónica María Flórez García - Colombia

PhD in Romance Languages-Spanish; M.A. Hispanic Studies; Bachelor's Degree in Social Communications-Journalism
Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language at the University level in the U.S from 2005 to 2012, 5 years teaching at EAFIT's Spanish Program. Certified by the Instituto Cervantes as a DELE proficiency exam interviewer. Co-author of the Activities' Manual for the Spanish Textbook Maravillas del Español. Nine articles published at national and international journals and 14 presentations given at national and international academic conferences; coeditor and designer of CuéntELE, our Spanish program online magazine.
Has written a dissertation about female detective fiction, loves reading and watching movies​

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