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Universidad EAFIT
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​Public Call #2023-ResearchAssistants



Open Invitation to Undergraduate Students to Become Research Assistants (Monitors) in 2023

Internal Funding Projects (EAFIT University) or Co-financed with External Partners​

EAFIT University, through internal funding projects, announces a public call for active undergraduate students interested in engaging in research activities as Research Assistants (Monitors) in R&D projects at EAFIT University.


Each project offers a monthly financial stipend (which may vary depending on the project and time commitment). The selected individuals will be integrated into the research team of the Research Group, and their tasks will support the projects and thematic areas of the group's work. Aspirants should have expertise in one or more of the following disciplines (according to the table):
  • (A) Product Design Engineering Student, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or related fields.
  • (B) Product Design Engineering Student (emphasis on Design Management), Marketing, Industrial Design, or related fields.
  • (C) Student in Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics, or related fields.
  • (D) Student in Physics Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, or related fields.

The criteria to be taken into consideration for selection are detailed below:​

1. To participate, the interested individual must:​

  • Be an active undergraduate student. If it is for internal funding projects (PI Code), the student must be enrolled at EAFIT University.
  • Have completed the fourth semester of undergraduate studies.
  • Maintain a cumulative credit average of 3.5 or higher.
  • Possess reading and writing proficiency in English (spoken proficiency is desirable).
  • Fulfill the predefined requirements for the selected project.
  • Have a minimum availability of 10 hours per week for project development.​

2. ​Application Procedure​

Contact the lead professor of the project and send an email, referencing this call and the code(s) of the project(s) of interest, along with the required documents and certificates:

  • ​​Academic plan, including grades and academic average.
  • Completed form (Annex 1).
  • The lead professor of the project will reach out to interested individuals and may request an interview.

3. Selection Process:

To be chosen, the student must meet the requirements established for the project, and the professor will take into account the following criteria:

  • 40% - Discipline, Profile, and Experience
  • 60% - Interview​

4. Conditions for the Formalization of the Research Assistantship:

  • If the project is funded internally by EAFIT University, the formalization is done through the BISA platform. Applicants must ensure that they meet the criteria and submit the required documents according to the current policies (See Annex 2).
  • If the project is co-funded with external entities and/or partners, the interested party must achieve an evaluation score higher than 60% (as per criteria in point 3), and the professor will contact the student to provide instructions on the formalization process.​​

5. Call Dates:

Open continuously throughout the semester (or as indicated in the "Status" column in Table 1 for each project).​

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