GiANT - Global Desing for Social Innovation


The main purpose of GiANT, is to develop, with the creative partipation of teachers and students from different
Engineering and Design Universities in the world, a project for the community of the municipalities of La Ceja and
El Retiro, Antioquia- Colombia, creating an entertainment and cultural space around recreation, art and fun the people.

In order to achieve this objective, participants are expected to achieve the following:

  • Identify the needs and desires through the thoughts and sentiments of the communities.
  • Develop a set of project specifications and for all the stakeholders: Humans, contexts and technologies.
  • Explore and propose two and three dimensional solution ideas through creative questioning and experimentation, within the guidelines of the GiANT project.
  • Develop a detailed study of the ergonomics and anthropometric conditions for materials and processes that take into account concepts of sustainability and originality from a creative point of view.
  • Propose a monitoring plan for the community, to involve responsible members so that the proposal is sustainable in time.
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