GiANT - Global Design For Social Innovation


Spaces for bringing the community together around arts, recreation and fun.

The dynamics of today’s world impose big challenges to the people that live in it. To help and contribute specifically with Colombian society, two universities: Universidad EAFIT and TUDELFT, have come together twice to do the Help Manuel Project, a project that works with entrepreneurs that are part of the CEDEZOS (Center for the development of local entrepreneurship) from BoP (Bottom of the pyramid) communities located in the city of Medellin and outside. This project allows students to share their knowledge and helps improve the local business’ that are part of the CEDEZOS, by using design tools and elements that can be replicated in the future and in this way help inspire solutions to problems that come from innovation and technology. On the other hand, another project, Global Design for Kids, was also done with the participation of product design engineering students from different universities from around the world, with the purpose of designing educational and recreational parks for children in communities of eastern Antioquia.

This year, however, the efforts will focus on developing a project around arts, recreation and fun, for a particular community where different variables come together to favor learning sustainability using the experience of people from all over the world.

This is how the GiANT Project plans to do an intervention to a space in the municipality of La Ceja and El Retiro, Antioquia- Colombia, that will bring together people inside their own community taking into account that these spaces will be a common location and meeting place for the people that live in this area.

Design projects with a social focus require activities that integrate different social, political, economic, environmental and cultural stakeholders. This is why GiANT, invites Engineering and Design educational institutions to participate in this event with global impact through a local intervention.

The union of different efforts in the development of design projects for deprived communities towards social inclusion, offers the possibility to unite different cultures, world views and diverse aesthetic and cultural values from each country. Such projects are based on the humanitarian concept of solidarity, participation, cooperation and sustainability.

GiANT is a proposal to integrate the creative abilities and knowledge of teachers, students and different institutions to share it with rural communities in Antioquia.

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