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Universidad EAFIT
Carrera 49 # 7 sur -50 Medellín Antioquia Colombia
Carrera 12 # 96-23, oficina 304 Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia
(57)(4) 2619500
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Keynote speakers

​​Main conference​ 1 - Thursday Arnold W. Heemink

Data assimilation

Mathematical physics is concerned with mathematical modeling of physical phenomena. Most often this leads to a mathematical model in terms of (partial) differential equations. In fact, differential equations present the main theme in our group and we employ both analytical and numerical solution methods. 

Simulation using computer implementations of models with a practical significance have a large impact on our research. A close collaboration exists with external partners, such as Shell, TNO, Deltares. A rather unique feature of our group is that we often consider large scale systems in relation with large scale computer models and that we address the specific mathematical questions arising from this. 

We mention data assimilation (coupling of model and measurements), flexible numerical methods (numerics for real-life applications), high-performance computing (enlargement of scale), multiple scale analysis and asymptotics (model simplification), and stochastic differential equations (dealing with uncertainties).

Main conference 2 - Friday​

VERD.pngCarlos Canudas de Wit​​​​

Networked controlled system team, grenoble traffic team

Research activity and field of expertise

In the 80's, research in the field of adaptive nonlinear control was in the early stages. I pioneered work in this field in connection with electro-mechanical and robotic systems. In the 90's, I published several studies on the nonlinear control of mobile robots, non-linear robot control, and produced several important contributions to the modeling and control of systems with friction. 

At the end of the 90's, industrial efforts in the field of vehicle control (Renault) and electrical drive control (Schneider) resulted in several patents being awarded. At the beginning of 2000, I re-oriented my research towards Networked Control Systems (NCS) and devoted substantial efforts to founding and consolidating a new research group (the NeCS team) in 2006. This is is a joint team depending on the National Center for Scientific Research (Cnrs), the National Institute for Computer science and mathematics (Inria) and the University of Grenoble-Alpes (UGA).

The team is part of Control Department at Gipsa-Lab, at Grenoble. My research topics originally focused on network control issues (including delays, loss of packages, communication protocols, fading, etc.), and then it extended to wider aspects of network systems, such as distributed control, consensus, optimal coverage, multi-hop networks, etc. My research focuses mainly at present on the control of large-scale and complex physical networks such as road transportation networks, which have been the main field of application investigated so far. 

Toward this objective, I have launched the Grenoble Traffic Lab (GTL) which is a platform for real-time collection of traffic data coming from a dense wireless sensor network (130 magnetometers over 10.5 km) installed in the south ring of the city of Grenoble in France. Data collection is intended to validate dynamic mathematical models and to test traffic prediction, monitoring, and control algorithms.

Main conference​ - Saturday

Oscar Camacho.jpgOscar Camacho
He is an Electric engineer from Universidad de los Andes (ULA), Mérida, Venezuela in 1984, He Got the MSc of control engineer at (ULA) in 1992, In 1994 he got M.E. in chemical engineering and in 1996 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, both at USF.
In 2001, He developed postdoctoral activities at USF; he has held teaching and research at ULA. USF and PDVSA. He has been the director of Electric Engineering School, Coordinator of the Master of Automation and Instrumentation and Dean of Faculty engineering at ULA. He is on the editorial board of the Journal ISA Transactions. Reviewer in various international magazines

His current research interest includes the sliding mode control, Control systems for processes with long delay, Author of over 90 publications in journals and conferences. ​


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